Here is some photo how i remove the engine, and use the same method for innstall the engine. All is easy done alone, no help needed.Here is the wagon ( topside), only one bolt is needed to support the engine.And here is the wagon’s underside, with 6. pcs. bearing (dia 20 mm)
Here is all part’s for remowe and innstall the engine. Two rails, one support and the wagon.
Support from rails, to floor.
This is the rear rails, made of tiny stainless pipe ( same for front rails). The small pipe across the rails are the support on the frame on the bike. Rear rails are not secured to the frame.
The front rails, had to reinforce it, since the engine is heavy in the front. The front rails must be secured to the engine mount, on the left side of the bike frame,
I use a small lifting tackle, i use also use some lifting gear, and rope who i made in a correct lenght, and for adjustment i use a turnbuckle aft, and this is secured with a 10 mm bolt, no nut is needed. The rope and lifting gear do not make any harm on the colour.
I also use a small swivel between the bolt and the turnbucle.
When the engine mount bolts is loose (adjust with the lifting tackle), i take them away, and lift the motor close to the upper frame . Then is it a lot of space to mount the rails and the support.
Here is the securing bolt for the front rails. I also use rubber under the small part who will stay one the frame.
The rails are now in the correct place.
The rails are bolted to the support.
The wagon one the rails.
And here is the wagon secured to the motor, using the same bolt as engine are mounted with.
Here is the motor lower to the wagon, and disconected from the lifting gear.
Here is the motor one his way out. As you can se i have lifting lugs in the roof, two and two one line, with a pipe between, so i can adjust the posision of the lifting tackle, forward ore backwards.
Here i have mowe the lifting tackle to second posision, and lift it again so that i can remowe the rails and support.
Here is the motor one the way down to a table i have made, this table have four turning wheels, so a can move the motor to the workbench. I still have the wagon under the motor.
The moving table, have the same hight that the workbench, so the motor on the wagon, can be mowed easy on to the workbench.And there it is, ready to be rebuild 🙂

Sorry for the old man on the pictures, he is there all time 🙂